What is your core vulnerability or fear? For most of my clients it is something around visibility and when I dig deeper about that, things like Imposter Syndrome and perfectionism rear their ugly heads.

This is most likely because the spot in my signature system at which 9 out of 10 of them get stuck is when it’s time to do content creation – and what does creating content do? It forces you to put your knowledge, your stuff, your VOICE out into the world.

And that can be downright scary.

It exposes your thoughts, feelings and work to the world – and your own shadows and fears come to the surface.

Wherever you are in resistance – begin to ask yourself what fear or belief is under this? What am I afraid might happen if I continue forward in this way? Some ways to get down to the core include:

  • 5 Whys – ask yourself Why amI stuck here? Then whatever the answer to that question is, ask “Why?” to that, etc. until you’ve asked “why” 5 times. By that point you should have a good indication of the core belief or fear driving your resistance.
  • Hypnosis – Hypnosis will get you into a relaxed state where you can easily access your inner conscious. From there it becomes much easier to find the original event that created the fear and to erase the fear
  • Belief work – write down what your main belief is about the situation, then reframe it to the opposite

In later blog posts, I will cover each of these items in more depth. For now, what do you think is your biggest belief or fear that is keeping you stuck? Please post in the comments below.


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