A signature system is the step-by-step process that you, as a transformation catalyst, change agent, coach, etc. take your clients through to get them the result they’ve come to you for. So whether you coach people in business towards a successful business outcome, or are a healer of some sort, or a life coach taking people on a transformational journey to personal success, I guarantee you have a process.

At this point, you might be thinking that you don’t really have a signature system. You might be feeling that you do something different with each client, because they and their situations are unique.

And, you are right, they are unique.

However, you are most likely doing some very similar things – taking them through certain experiences or ensuring they learn certain lessons – with all or most of them. There is a pattern or format that you are following, it’s just that it might differ slightly in how you apply it in each instance based on the clients’ unique situation.

That pattern, or framework that you are following as a template, is the basis of your signature system. A signature system is a process that is repeatable. This is important so that you can then create more generic products and reach more people through online classes, group coaching programs and books. Sometimes it can be a little bit hidden or hard to find. This is where someone like me can work with you by listening to what you do with clients and picking out the themes and patterns.

You can do this yourself as well – and if you do, I would highly recommend running it by someone else to make sure you haven’t missed anything and that you have organized it in a way that makes sense. As mentioned in the previous post, once you have this, creating products and programs becomes a piece of cake.