Sometimes when we have a setback or we wallow in fear too much, we stop putting energy into our dreams, we lose sight of what our true desires were and we start living those empty lives that we were trying to get away from to begin with.

A little over a year ago, I went through a major financial downturn.

I was attempting to grow my business while also spending time helping out my elderly mom. It got to a point where I was pretty scared and decided that the solution was to get a JOB. So in that vein, I began looking for a job.

I was so FOCUSED!!! If something had nothing to do with getting a job, I didn’t do it – everything that brought me joy and peace fell by the wayside – exercise, meditation, socializing, and my business – I put the breaks on everything except finding a job.

After about six months of this, a dear friend gave me a good talking to – she didn’t mince words and I got the message loud and clear. She saw the misery I was in and encouraged me to focus on what brought me joy and was more aligned with my spirit.

So, I slowly began to refocus beginning with – you guessed it – GRATITUDE for where I was.

I then began meditating again and was able to get clear enough to recognize connections and resources that could help me. As of now, I’m still on the mend from that lunacy, but things are definitely on the upturn and even better – every day is full of joy, peace, grace and ease!

Do a check-in – have you stopped dreaming your dreams? How can you tell? What can you do now to get them back and re-energize or revitalize them?

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