Ideas Into Action – Key 3

Now that you have a strong launch pad (see previous step) and are aimed in a clear direction, you are going to connect with the fuel to get you going; and you will tap into your internal GPS to keep you going in that direction.

Your GPS is called by many names, but for the sake of simplicity here I am going to be referring to it as intuition.

What is intuition?

It is the communication link you have to something bigger than you that “knows” or can see the bigger picture. That “something bigger” that you are connecting with can be referred to by whatever name appeals to you and your belief system. This could be something spiritual such as God or the Divine, the Universe, Life or even just a part of yourself that “knows”.

Know that you have access to this vast source of knowledge. You simply need to learn how to tune in to it and hear and understand the messages that you receive. These messages don’t often come as a blaring voice clearly delineating what it is you need to know or do. This voice has often been called the still, small voice, because it tends to come in more as a whisper. But, if you are really tuned in and open to receive these messages, you quickly realize that they are coming in to you all the time and through various means.

It wasn’t until 3 days after that “Eureka” moment in my childhood bedroom, that my daughter called me with the news that I was going to become a grandmother in October. I know that I got that message before then, because I was connected and listening to something larger than me that knew that information even before she told me. Her phone call simply validated what I already “knew” on some level.

The next thing I did was to research what I needed to do get there. I took my skills and experience list from Key 1 and figured out what sort of job to look for. I interviewed people who did it. I talked to recruiters to help me find that position. I began to scope out places to live and talked to an apartment locator to help me find the perfect place. I did the practical, left-brain activities required to make the change.

Notice that I tapped in to the internal GPS first, and that helped guide me to the next Keys to take “externally”.

Some of these things might be:

• Research your idea – has anyone else done it? What can you learn from them?
• What are the things that need to happen to get this idea done? What order do these Keys go in?
• What are the tools or resources you will need to accomplish it?

You will find that when you practice living in this connected way, you might even get “inspiration” to follow a certain lead, or “coincidentally” bump into someone who can help you with your idea.

When we take action, the universe reaches out to us in levels of magnitude to help us achieve what we are meant to do. It doesn’t always come in the form we expect, so we need to pay attention. We need to ask, but we also need to act – not rashly, but in alignment with spiritual guidance. That means talk to spirit, soul, or higher self, but don’t forget to listen as well!

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