Ideas to Action – Key 2

One day in late February of 2012, I was laying in my bed in my mom’s house, and suddenly I opened my eyes and sat straight up in bed. I had a thought pop in my head with the intensity and clarity of an arrow finding its mark. The thought was “I have to be in Austin.”

At that time, my daughter and son-in-law had been living there for several years. Now, this was not a conscious thought in the sense that I thought about it and logically came to that conclusion. This was a “Eureka!” moment that came out of nowhere and landed in my heart, where I knew it to be true. I made the decision then and there that it would happen.

Key 2 is to make sure that this is the direction you want to head in. Even a rocket ship needs to be aimed.

If you are doing this for external reasons (someone else wants you to do it or you think it’s a good idea because someone else told you it was), you might find that your heart doesn’t sing when you think about it. If that is the case – dump it, right now!

As we go through life, we come into contact with many different situations, experiences, people and options. Not all of these are for our highest good. How do we know which path to follow, which decision to make? We can determine this by knowing our true nature – by remembering to keep that heart-centered connection open so we can hear, loud and clear, those messages that are meant for us.

Go within to do this to be sure it is a heart-centered idea. Sit with it for a while and notice the FEELINGS you feel when you think about it. How does it make you feel? If it makes you happy or excited, go for it!

Let me know in the comments below what idea you have now that lights you up!

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