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Step 5 – Content Creation

This is the scariest step of them all!!!!! This is the point at which – 100% of the time – every one of my clients freaks out. They don’t necessarily freak out in a loud, out-there kind of manner. It’s subtle. All of a sudden, other things become a priority – washing the dishes, washing their hair, washing the dog, grocery shopping, you name it – as long as it isn’t writing down their content, they’re all over it!

And, I know it for what it really is – RESISTANCE!!!!! The reason for this can vary from individual to individual, but, in general, I have found that it is some version of vulnerability. This is the point where you are truly seeing that your thoughts, feelings and words are going to go out into the universe. That can be scary!

So, for now, don’t worry about putting it out there to the world – just put it out there for yourself.

Spew it out!

Step 5 is all about spewing – No Analyzing — No Editing – out any and all information you have in your head for each of your steps. The easiest way to do this is to open a document in Word and create one page for each of your steps. Put the title of the step on the top of each page.

Write, write, write!

Then begin to write – anything and everything that comes to mind — just get it out on paper, or the document. If you are someone who thinks better by speaking, then use something like DragonSpeak  to speak anything you know about that topic and transcribe it to a document. This document will become an “evergreen” document that is constantly changing and being updated. As you being to create your programs and products, this will be your key resource for those.

Gather Resources

It will also be helpful to begin to gather any quotes, books, videos, or other resources for each step and place them on the corresponding page for the step they go with. You are basically creating a big database of content that can be used over and over again as your own resource for creating things!

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Please post below any questions you might have about your system and then move on to the next step!

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