Signature System  – Objectives

Everyone of the steps you created in the last step needs to have an objective. This tep might seem insignificant, but it’s really important. This step is really a test. It tests whether or not your steps are valid.

So, at this point, go through each of the steps you created in the last post and determine what the main objective for having it there is. You might find that some of your steps have no objective (aka “purpose!).

If they don’t serve a purpose – DELETE them!

You also might find, at this point, that some of your steps have the same objective as another. You might consider combining these two (or three) then.


You have a really good start at your step-by-step process or signature system.

Please don’t skip this step – most people do! But, you will find that this is the step that really tightens up your process and makes it make sense – really important for anyone (your clients) who is following it. The minute someones senses that something is not making sense, then they WILL disengage! – you really don’t want that!

OK – this was a really short post, but the importance of it is HUGE! Let me know how your editing is going! And then move to the next step.

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