Be sure to complete Step 1 and Step 2.

Heart of Business

This is the Core or the heart of your business – once you have this, the others aspects such as product creation and marketing become so much easier – I promise!

They KEY question to ask yourself at this point is:

“What does my Ideal Client have to do, learn or experience to get to the Transformation?” 

Step 1 – Let it all Out

I highly recommend using Post-it notes at this point and writing each idea or answer to this question on one of them. Make sure you are NOT using your analytical mind at this point – don’t analyze or over think your responses. Let them just come out freely. We will begin to edit them in a bit.

Step 2 – Sort

Once you have a pile of Post-its with a response on each, then you can begin to sort them into piles that are related to one another. Then give a title to each pile. If you’ve sorted them well, there should be a theme that comes up for each pile that each of those responses can fall under.

Step 3 – Organize

Organize each pile into the order they should go in – again, this might change later. Don’t think too much about getting it perfect now.

These are potentially your steps in your system. However, we are not done yet. In the next step, you will decide if these are the true steps or not. For now, take a break, have a cup or glass of your favorite drink and pat yourself on the back – you’re over the first hump!