Step 2 – Discover Your Signature System

The Transformation

First be sure you have completed Step 1.

So now, in Step 2, we need to determine the transformation that you take your clients through. I am not talking about HOW you do what you do, I am talking about the change you guide them through or the end result you create.

You will need this before moving on to the next steps of finding your Signature System.

So, to get to the heart of this, think about what they “look” like when they come to you. This is their “Point A”. List some of the adjectives that would describe them at this point. For a “love coach” their clients’ point A might be that they are very single, lonely, frustrated by the dating scene, not sure where to meet people, etc.

After they’ve worked with you they are now at “Point B”. What are the adjectives you would use to describe them now? For our love coach example, their client would now be in a fulfilled and loving relationship – or at least well on the way to one.

The difference between these two states is the Transformation. This is the core of what you do for people. It is important to know it now, so that you can use it in the following steps of finding your Signature System.

Now, you can move to Step 3.