So in the classic definition of introversion versus extroversion, one of the telltale determinants is whether you tend to speak to think or think to speak. This goes along with my philosophy that some of us are “speakers who write” and others are “writers who speak”. Why is this important? It becomes important when you want to put your idea out into the world and become more visible in some way.

Of course, some ways of doing that include speaking and/or writing. However, we usually have a preference for which one of these comes easier. You will probably have to do both, but one will be more “natural” to you. When brainstorming or doing your first “brain-dump” of information for creating content, I encourage you to do the more natural way first.

What that means is that if you find speaking more natural than writing (speak to think), then speak your information, thoughts, brain dump, etc. into a recorder and have it transcribed. I discuss some other methods for this in an earlier post. Then follow up with writing it out. You will find that the secondary approach (in this case writing) will bring out some other ideas or thoughts that didn’t come out in the first pass.

Of course, if your preferred method is writing (or think to speak), then you will reverse this procedure and write out your brainstorm, brain dump, etc.; then follow it up by speaking about it and having that transcribed.

This method also helps with resistance since you are going with your more natural inclination first. Once there is something out there, the secondary method becomes a little easier.

Let me know in the comments which you think you are!


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