Journey – not the Destination

Remember that whatever your idea or goal, it’s the journey not the destination. Key 6 is all about gratitude for where we are and what it took to get us here. We’ve come full circle from Key 1 to realize that it all begins and ends with Gratitude. I’ve heard that the difference between a highly aware and evolved person and enlightenment is the act of gratitude for anything and everything at all times.

Be in the present

The present is all any of us really has. Keep your eye on the goal, but stay in the present and enjoy it! Give gratitude for it and take pleasure in it. Believe me, this simple practice will help you keep going towards that goal when you encounter obstacles along the way.

I sometimes think the universe tests us when we make a declaration about what we want – it sends us obstacles to see if we really mean what we say. Each of those moments are a great opportunity to check in with yourself and see if you still want what you say you want. You might decide you don’t, or that it needs to be redirected a bit, or that you are still going gang-busters towards it. Any of these responses are fine.

Just be AWARE – and you can’t do that if you’re not in the moment.

Be Grateful

Sometimes when we are in the middle of a transition, or new idea, we are so intent on what COULD be that we fail to notice what is. The very first thing to do is to begin to notice where you are now, and be GRATEFUL for all of it – even the things you are wanting to change.

Remember, the first thing I did was to take note of where I was. I had a roof over my head, and it was pretty much rent-free. I knew where my next meal was coming from (maybe a little too much if you get my drift), both my parents were still alive, I had a wonderful circle of friends and a supportive networking group. Things could definitely be worse. This small act, changed my energy and outlook just enough that I could begin to think differently.

As Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”.

Take Action

  • Begin today to create a list of 100 things you are grateful for – right now, in one sitting.
  • Set this up as a regular habit or ritual that you do daily by listing 3-5 things you are grateful for every evening before going to bed or in the morning upon rising.

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