I find that people come to me because they’ve been told or read that they need (or just want) to create something.

That something could be a blog or a workshop of a teleclass or a group coaching program or a speech. That’s all great, except many times they are feeling a bit overwhelmed regarding where to start with this new project.

I am a firm believer that having a signature system is what will help them out of this confusion. If you know the core of the message or business that you do – the actual step-by-step process that you take people through for their transformation, then creating anything you want becomes a really simple mechanical process.

But, before you can create any of those things including website content or marketing material – or even polishing up your branding, you need to know the core of the transformation you create for people.

It is much like baking a cake – you might have a lot of tools or techniques (ingredients) that when combined in the proper way (system or process) create the transformation (cake) that you offer. Then the marketing and branding can be applied to that (like the icing). But without the cake, you have nothing to package up and decorate!

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