You’ve probably heard the idea of “like attracts like”.

In this Key, your aim is to make sure that the energy you are vibrating and putting out into the world resonates with the vibration of your desires or idea.

Really get into the feeling that your idea has already come to fruition. How do you act and what actions do you take if this is true?

In my effort to move to Austin, I began to “act as if” I lived in Austin. I did this by beginning to find all my service providers in Austin. For example, I found a new hairdresser, massage therapist and place of worship there, as though I already lived there. I even began to tell people (when it made sense) that I lived there. If there was something I normally did in Houston, if at all possible, I found a way to do it in Austin instead.

Create the space.

Your environment is a reflection of your internal state. Make your space ready to receive your desires. This can include clearing clutter, making space in your closet to attract a new relationship, or space in your garage for that new car.

It also refers to the space in your “head” – get into the mindset of someone who has accomplished this goal or idea. What does that person do differently than someone who hasn’t?

Learn to say “No” or “Not right now”. If you are not accustomed to saying the word, “NO”, it can take time and practice to actually verbalize it. As with anything, the more we use discernment and practice, the easier it will become.

Using the clarity gained from the previous Keys; it becomes much easier to know when to say “no” and when to say “yes” to opportunities that present themselves to us.

Draw from the energy created in Key 2.

That heart-centered fuel is what will get you through. I guarantee that when the going gets tough (and it will), you will need the heart and passion to be there to pull you through. Courage comes from the Latin word “cor” meaning heart. Your heart will provide the fuel you need to reach your goal.

In the 6 weeks it took me to get from idea to action (and success) in moving to Austin, what pulled me forward was the knowledge of the little being that was about to enter our world. I knew deep in my heart that I needed to be there for my daughter and grandchild. It gave me the faith necessary to put a deposit down on an apartment before finding the job that would sustain me.

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