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Brainstorming Breakthroughs

Why Are You in Resistance?

What is your core vulnerability or fear? For most of my clients it is something around visibility and when I dig deeper about that, things like Imposter Syndrome and perfectionism rear their ugly heads. This is most likely because the spot in my signature system at...

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3 Things To Do When You’re Stuck

When you are in the middle of resistance, it can seem like you will never be productive and get stuff done. For many of my clients, this happens at the point where we begin to create the actual content for their signature system. I have some suspicions as to why it...

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What I Do In the Fall

I'm a couple days late for this, but I started it this past weekend. One thing that I do every fall and actually every quarter, is some PLANNING. I got this idea from the book: "The 12 Week Year" by Brian P. Moran. The basic premise is that when we set goals or...

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My Story

So my challenge today is to tell my story of how you got started in my niche or market - and why I am doing what I do. Hmmm....where to start? I suppose it started back in childhood when I was told by well-meaning parents that I couldn't make a living doing what I...

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